Your Products, Packaged your Way: Print-on-Demand with Custom Packaging

Pruf can help build an unboxing experience for your customers

Showcase your brand from the first moment your customer sees their order

Add color and character to your packaging for a fun unboxing experience

Stand out from competitors and turn first-time buyers into loyal customers

Stock and use custom packaging for a
stand-out brand experience

Gift customers premium packaging and get increased loyalty in return

Choose your perfect packaging

Find the ideal look and materials when outsourcing your packaging—go for understated, eco-friendly mailers or wild, colorful designs

Dazzle your customers with bold branding

Use your brand colors and take the “white” out of white-label

Inspire sharing on social media and repeat orders

Leave a lasting impression with striking, Instagramable packaging

Jam pack your customer’s unboxing experience

Combine custom packaging with packaging inserts and a sweet packing slip message for a fully branded order

Personalize your orders with branded pack-ins

Showcase your brand with custom packaging inserts

Thank your customers for their orders with hand-written cards

Create an unboxing experience by surprising your buyers with fun extras

Leave a lasting impression so your customers remember your brand

Packaging insert ideas for your store

Use pack-ins to make your brand the star of the show when customers unpack their orders

Flyers and coupons

Promote your store by sharing discount codes or special deals via flyers

Business cards

Include your Instagram handle or a link to your store so your customers can revisit your shop

Branded stickers

Share cute stickers with your brand logo as a fun freebie


Design stunning cards so your customers can use them for decorating and remember your brand

Hand-written thank you cards

Express your gratitude by writing a thank you note or any other well-meaning message

Branding for white label & print-on-demand products

Create a truly unique brand experience—put your brand logo on your merchandise or personalize your customers’ unboxing experience.

Sell white-label products

Take advantage of tear away tags and our all-over print garments—put your
brand on the inside label of your products

Inside label

Make your products truly your own—print a custom inside label directly on our print-on-demand garments to create a personalized and professional look.


$2.49 per label


  • Subtle
  • Gives products a refined look
  • Constantly reminds of your brand
  • Strengthens customer’s brand loyalty
  • Boosts your brand’s visibility on the market

  • Promote your brand with custom products

    Put your logo on products and use promotional branding to raise brand
    awareness and reach more customers

    Outside label

    Show of your brand logo without being too conspicuous—print a custom outside label directly on the back of our print-on-demand garments.


    $2.49 per label


  • Refined look
  • Hard to miss
  • Constantly reminds of your brand

  • Create an unboxing experience

    Create a unique and exclusive unboxing experience for your customers by customizing your
    packing slips and putting personalized notes inside the packages


    First impressions count when it comes to packaging. While a plain, white poly mailer still gets the job done . . . custom packaging will make your customers adore your brand even more.


  • $0.50 per custom packaging used for an order
  • $25 monthly minimum for storage

  • Benefits

  • Your customers get extra hyped when they get their order with custom packaging
  • You showcase your logo to increase brand awareness
  • Your products go viral for their fun packaging if shared on socials

  • Customize the order tracking page

    Use branding options that our tracking page offers and, on top of providing easy
    access to shipping details, make your customers feel connected to your brand

    White-label tracking page

    Here’s how you can customize the page:


    • Show off your logo. Upload your logo file, and it’ll appear in the upper right corner of the tracking page.
    • Give your contact info. Be approachable and make it easier to get in touch with you.
    • Add call-to-action buttons. Encourage your customers to take action, for example, to visit your store or leave a review.
    • Link to your social media. Invite customers to check out your social media channels with clickable icons.

    You can choose to add all of these features or just one—it’s up to you!




  • Fast and easy to set up
  • Showcases your logo to increase brand awareness
  • Adds personal approach to orders
  • Creates a strong relationship with the customer

  • Build your brand identity

    If you don’t have a set of your brands’ visual components, we’re here to help with that as well

    Brand image

    Tell us your vision and needs—we’ll create your logo, text graphics and everything in between.

    Design creation

    Our in-house designers can help you bring your design ideas to life.

    File adjustment

    Our designers can adjust your files for printing, embroidering or product branding purposes.

    Branding designs

    Not sure how to make your outside labels? We’ll make them for you!

    What is UV Printing?

    UV printing is a process that can be used to create almost any type of image and with its wide range of applications, it’s never been more popular. Discovering this technology for yourself will open your eyes as you see what kinds if things are possible when using UV lights in combination with an inkjet printer!


    The traditional inks used by commercial offset and web printing presses are solvent-based. In order for these types of solvents to harden, they have be slowly leached into the atmosphere over time through evaporation of their liquids – this is why you’ll often see them saying “slowly curing.” As each individual Drops evaporates off its respective blotter paper or mesh screen onto whatever surface it’s been applied too (such as an inkjet printer), more will enter into contact with underlying surfaces where dot gain can occur leading potentially muddy images depending on what material your document being printed onto!

    UV Printing Opportunities

    Pruf uses UV printing technology, it’s possible to print unique designs, images, text and even textures directly onto a vast range of materials or products. For example, our Mimaki printers are widely used for product personalization and for offering your customers something totally different from the average printed product.

    Pruf UV Printer Mimaki 7151 Plus 2 has incredible variety of output:

    Musical instruments like personalized drumsticks

    Decorated electronics such as laptops

    Eye-catching fashion accessories including leather bags and purses

    Gifts like metal jewelry boxes

    Signage and display graphics on typical and unusual substrates

    Awards and trophies including those made of glass and acrylic

    Homewares and keepsakes like clocks

    Packaging prototypes and display mock-ups

    Corporate gifts and promotional products like pens

    Sports equipment such as golf balls